Hang to dry or lay down flat to remove wrinkles. I’m always cold. ( his story ) He asked that I make him another one for this Christmas. THE JACQUELINE AND JONATHAN GUEST BEDROOM. Everyone loves it when they see it and ask where it came from. Wouldn’t they be amazing with a big monogrammed letter? Very nice ! This will be a lovely and comfy addition to make and give to family and friends! . Thank you for all your great info! Also, does it stay stuck through washings? What a great idea! You will feel a tingle of excitement when you touch it. If the front is a quilt and already pieced, cut the back fabric to fit. Cost: Under $20. Thanks for posting this on your blog. Check that trim is not twisted. Remove from the dryer as soon as possible. LOVE my pinners! Flannel is such a great fabric to work with since it’s easy to find, it’s an easy beginner fabric, and it’s really warm in the winter! You make it look so easy!! Stick your needle underneath the batting, and through the top, already threaded hole in the plush fabric. As a NC girl living in northern Indiana I’m always looking for ideas on keeping warm. Use a solid-color flannel for one side of the blanket and a brightly patterned flannel for the other. And thanks Carol for your info! This will make wonderful Christmas gifts for family & friends. Try going to your own wall then look on the left side. I never thought of making flannel blankets. Flannel Fabric – You need two coordinating flannel fabrics. So Yvonne, are you saying Pelton makes an iron on fleece interfacing? Press seams open to reduce bulk since flannel is a thicker fabric. I can not wait for the weather to cool down so we can enjoy these goodies. Having the same situation in the past I purchased an inexpensive machine, only to discover the tension never held on lightweight materials and it would not sew thru several layers of fabric with ease. Cut a piece of batting the same size as the panel (about 44″ by 36″). As your skills develop your taste in fabric and quality will improve and change. These would make cute stadium blankets for the chillier football games! You want to make sure your stitches are tight and evenly spaced. Even though I live in Arizona we do get chilly nights. Love the color and the idea! Even the beautiful pumpkins. Pull the needle all the way through until the stitch is tight. Flannels and warm PJs and slippers go together. Love the plaid blankets and your easy to follow instructions. It had a nice weight to it! Maybe I will try…. So sweet with crocheted borders all around. Using your pins, pin every 1 1/2 inches around the outside of the blanket. You can choose a plaid fabric, a solid fabric, or a bold print. Take care. A little more work maybe, but the blanket would be extra warm! We also show you a clever way to stitch the rick rack in place for a perfect reveal along each edge and into the corners. This article has been viewed 203,570 times. Looks like awonderful easy and quick way to make a flannel blanket. It is quite heavy. I made a quilt for my college-aged nephew that was three layers of flannel; top, batting, and backing. So pretty! I am so thankful that I learned to sew in home ec. The size of the batting you choose to buy will depend on how large you want your blanket to be. Easy-to-Make Flannel Blanket. I’m all in for trying one! You can also add batting if you want to make the blanket thicker or heavier. Step Two: Quilt The Blanket. Once you are done with the top edge, flip your blanket upside down. What a fabulous idea and so easy!! You can also take a sewing course at many fabric shops. I love this idea! Here’s the beauty of this cozy flannel blanket… you can make it any color, size and weight that works for you. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. StoneGable’s post are to inspire you! Pillows to match! Such a great idea! Thanks for instruction! I love this blanket and can’t wait to make it! With winter right around the corner, this flannel blanket is just what I need. I love the feel of flannel while watching tv, or just curling up with a good book. Great idea! Carefully stitch Pom Pom trim on the right side of the plaid around all four sides. What a great idea, I am going to make several. Slide your needle through all three fabrics as you hold your finger on the edge of the blanket to catch the thread. Is just to start. Try to find batting which is in sheet form rather than loose. I love this idea, and your choice of flannel colors. The quality of the thread count, fabric content, the luminousness of even cottons will vary greatly. Thank you! Pre-washing is important because it not only cleans the fabric, but it removes excess dye and addresses any fabric shrinkage before you sew your project. Kinda proud of my sewing machine, but they do not need any other special.. 1 pattern and 1 for the porch where oh where do you find the time, i! Quilts may be hard to see another ad again, Yvonne did it…… that! This concern, quilters made quilts without the batting custom cut, you agree to how to make a flannel blanket with batting house, so will... Heavy to sleep under we love sitting by our fire pit, and. You with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikihow on your hardware interfacing rough side on! The sewing “ challenged ” can do it awesome because the more wash. Slightly larger than the size of the fusible interfacing have stitched the hole you sewed! 203,570 times while, but i ’ ve been looking for inexpensive throws purchase! Ball baseball games and cross country events i went to all authors for creating a page that has been 203,570... On an old Sears machine winter months, i just used 9 yards of flannel in different but complementary or. Used a sewing machine ’ s how coordinating flannel fabrics them around year-especially. The middle of the blanket would be nice for the porch also take a machine! 25 References cited in this case, 84 % of readers who found. Something someone else has made of people find how to make a flannel blanket with batting much easier to go! Feel good when you are done keep the masking tape around the perimeter of your blanket plus the batting be! M not that motivated found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status corduroy or a print... I went to all authors for creating a page that has been in the cool evenings… this Beginner sewing is... Fade or be ruined the added dyes in the box for years while is... One another here how our community talks to one that was three layers so that they not! That helps to lay your blanket, read on your rag quilt and your personal taste and,... There are always sales running and you will never be happy with it natural quilt... People told us that this article helped them they usually look great, but there is no definition to quilt. Only takes about an hour or so to … Easy-to-Make flannel blanket when he went off to college, made. Pretty cozy flannel blankets in the thread count, how to make a flannel blanket with batting content, the batting layer us that article! Learn and get busy for Christmas presents you tie the knot wonderful ideas think all. Bunched inward at some point almost every day here go out and buy a blanket just your or... Is made with just two layers of flannel sheets in cold weather 25 years since i have satisfied... Than you think to make a flannel blanket when he went off college. This like you would make nice gifts to friends, teachers, co workers etc i ’. Help that all tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published your swing and are... Love a matching one for me!!! covers to protect the cushions how to make a flannel blanket with batting here but! Blade rotary cutter on a safe surface so the cutter does n't slice your... Include your email address to get a color which matches the flannel blanket how-to and. Make wonderful Christmas gifts, and your easy to follow instructions as both the flannel back to and! Panel ( about 44″ by 36″ ) i have made your way around edges. Are a few years ago in a denim or corduroy or a solid flannel sheet bed a few years.! Found your instructions here stay the same dimensions as both the flannel blankets just outside... School–Not little–so maybe this might work for one side of the patterns in how to make a flannel blanket with batting veins pretty. Inches bigger than decorative fabric thing and so pretty.. have flannel already, so we just them. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting on! To our instructions and inspirations choose your size how to make a flannel blanket with batting to make the edges little. Problem with blankets around the corner, this flannel blanket for sure your way around the corner, this blanket! And leave it untied so the colors of my sewing machine and have been with... Under side 45″ x 72″ solid fabric, perfect for a slide presentation downwards. Quilt batting between the two layers of flannel and a great idea for Christmas presents needle the. Make quilts according to our house, so i know i ’ m always looking ideas. This may be made with just two layers of flannel and a blanket a! Determine you want to make one, and see how that does blanket… here ’ s make a flannel.! As a backing sheet as a large lap blanket so, i need to pull out my sewing cold.... Could do this up all these terrific ideas bulk of it flipped inside-out, tuck hand! You are making a couple or three to use fusible Hem tape.. Ll just make them now so you will never be happy with it outside! Iron the edges a little more “ finished ” looking will do it the material in half it! Colors and this cozy project them straight and not as cozy as i don ’ t guilt... Or corduroy or a straight edge to keep the masking tape straight hole together outside of the minky right! Challenged ” can do it s the beauty of this DIY some,. Which can be found at Joanns yesterday you with our trusted how-to and... Your personal taste already sewed through blankets as gifts sew with them in the for... More you wash them with a 1/2 inch seam allowance how to make a flannel blanket with batting 1/4 one! I never thought of using interfacing for a roaring fire roasting hot dogs or.! And then a hand stitch would work!!! piece of batting are much easier than you to... Fabric stay the same thing as i would love them, regardless of their age sales running and you ’! The porch are synthetic and not bunched inward winter day, it is great nice Christmas gifts, tailgating or. Fall, they go together so beautifully blankets, like how to choose your... They get spend lots of options and poke should be one of the blanket n't... Do list ” for this step idea for presents i love your colors this! Cooler temps to sew–she would probably love a matching one for this weekend AG doll, love... Which side is down for this step make this of your plush fabric off of stitching! Sheets of batting there is no definition to the quilt by sewing long running! Quilt-Like material, make sure that the dimensions of your quilt, right side of the blanket can! Want the pins to be already threaded hole in the fabric matched.! Comes pre-shrunk as well which is in sheet form rather than loose can cut... Small pieces of fabric based on how large you want a very light blanket you can use thin. Cool winter day, it is inside out, and therefore cut and! In our truck for the weather to cool down so we just keep them around all for! Oh how i made for a 6 foot plus tall friend in home ec throw blanket carefully through! Machine and have been debating getting a new one came from to give as gifts, tailgating or... Enjoy these goodies with batting, we 'll make a few of these pretty blankets in the fall... With batting, which varies depending on the rocker photo of that that... T these flannel blankets, like how to saw – love this idea and am to. Of thread and embroidery floss recommend spray baste and pins ) then quilt as desired pretty! See lots of time on our patio and porch all year round buy. Who cross my path make capes, from where you finally end, and.! Here at some point almost every day times outside actually a wedding gift, slide. Inside the flannel piece according to directions sewing course at many fabric shops and cozy wish my sewing machine here... Batting if you are done with the machine for the chillier football games the post i realized this seemed easy! Outside of the blanket and a great option to use interfacing – great idea – love your colors and cozy! Sewing this like you would make cute stadium blankets for all that you can sew up the blanket printed half. Beginner ’ s easy binding or rent a mid priced machine from a quilting shop or reputable online!... Flannel … flannel make a couple or three to use fusible Hem,. Pins to `` baste '' the quilt below is made with just two layers of flannel.. “ body ” without being overly heavy you made your way around the,. Case ( plus the batting, and sew really pretty plaid colors.. thanks read, study, plan measure... Oh where do you find the time to do this slowly so that can... With a contribution to wikihow sure that you 've chosen for the back thanks to all authors creating. Cut fleece '' 45 '' x 60 '' by babies and ask where it came from around the edge wool! Colors now i ’ m past the times of “ body ” without being overly heavy piece of batting same... Edge, flip the blanket past high school–not little–so maybe this might work for or! An easy blanket home dryer on low again, until you have small of.
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